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Are You Confident in Your Own Success in 2020?


Are You Confident in Your Own Success in 2020?

As you begin the New Year, you may be feeling a lot of things: Exuberant! Excited! Energized! And, you may be brimming with all the motivation in the world. This is awesome! Success is at your doorstep!

However, what’s all too common is over time all of these feelings begin to wane. You put in the work and do all of your activities day after day and, let’s face it, it’s not very exciting. Sometimes, the results you expected to see take longer than expected. Or, you just have one of those days where nothing is going right and it seems like everyone you try to touch base with has fallen off the plant and is not returning your messages. One day may seem like a hiccup, but what happens if you have a few days like this?

If you’re like most people, your confidence begins to wane along with your motivation. Self-doubt sees an opening and begins to chip away at your confidence. It poisons your mind with thoughts like…

You’re just not as good at this as [insert name of uber-successful network marketer you know]

You’ll never reach your goals

Network marketing just isn’t your thing

Now, if we ever heard someone say this to our loved ones and friends, we’d tear into them up one side and down the other. Then we’d say to our loved one or friend, “Don’t listen to that jerk! It knows nothing. You’re awesome!” However, when we say those things to ourselves, there’s nary a peep. Why is that?

Confidence isn’t thinking you are better than everyone else, it’s realizing that you have no reason to compare yourself to anyone else.” – Maryam Hasnaa

The success curse?

There are many reasons why we lose confidence when we need it the most. Have you experienced any of these scenarios?

You’ve experienced a setback

Although you may be confident in your skills and abilities, challenges – both big and small – can shake your confidence and make you second guess yourself. You may feel as if you’ve lost your edge and your skills are no longer valid. Significant setbacks – a month of slow sales, for example – can deliver a huge blow to your confidence. However, the small setbacks can deliver a sneak attack on your psyche. A Power Hour where you spend all of your time reaching out to your favorite people and you hear nada-nothing in return. Or you present opportunities to people who seemed interested at the time only to have them all pass. We’ve all been there at one time or another – even the most successful network marketers you know have felt the sting of rejection time and time again. 

How to build confidence:

Persevere! The difference between successful people and everyone else is they persevere in the face of adversity. Sure, they’re disappointed when things aren’t going their way, but they have enough faith in their abilities to find the hope beyond their present circumstances. It’s this faith in themselves that gives them the confidence to carry on despite the occasional setback… and that’s why they thrive.

You feel everyone is succeeding except you

Sharon hit her monthly goal in the first week of the month and Dave is set to reach his by midmonth. Meanwhile, you’re lucky to reach your weekly goal before the month’s end. It’s easy to look at another person’s success and wonder why it all seems so easy for them, especially if they’re crushing their goals. Although you’re stoked for your thriving team members, sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in the attitude of “Why Not Me?” (similar to the “Poor Me’s” but with slightly less sulking). However, instead of doing your activities and plugging away at your goals, you’re too busy wondering why other people are thriving and not you. 

How to build confidence:

This is largely a matter of perspective. Instead of thinking, “Why not me?” (question mark, said in a nasal, whining tone of voice), think “Why not me!” (exclamation point, said in a confident, take on the world and make it YOURS tone of voice). There’s a huge difference between each phrase, aside from the punctuation mark at the end. One positions you as a victim of your circumstances who stews in the envy of others’ success; the other positions you as the hero of your story who learns from others’ success and applies the highlights to your daily activities. See the difference?

You feel you haven’t hit your stride

This feeling is common among network marketers and people in business in general. Even network marketers who have been in the industry for years have moments when they feel as if they haven’t hit their stride. They’re doing the activities, connecting with people in their networks, and serving everyone they know. Still, they feel that something is missing. They may feel as if they’re not quite living up to their potential. Does this sound like you? Luckily, there is hope…

How to build confidence:

Personal development! The best way to figure out your strengths is to discover what they are. Training, reading, and working with a mentor or coach can help you suss out what you’re best at so you can apply it to your business and relationships. By finding out what makes you “YOU” it’s so much easier to tap into your strengths and achieve your potential. Instead of trying to improve your weaknesses, you’ll do more of what your best at to truly serve your peeps. And this, in the end, will give you far more confidence that you could’ve imagined. 

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

-Henry Ford

Success 101: Build confidence in yourself!

In the end, it’s our mindset that determines our success. We could create the most ambitious goals in the world, but if we’re not confident we’ll achieve them, we won’t. If we don’t have faith in ourselves, we’ll never reach the heights we aspire to. 

How to be your own cheerleader

Start with a positive affirmation each day

Sure, it may sound cheesy, but it works. Make sure the first thing you think or say to yourself each morning is positive. Look in the mirror and repeat your favorite mantra or affirmation. This will help you tap into your confidence first thing in the morning – what a way to start the day! 

Not sure of your affirmation? Ask your mentor, coach, or most successful friend; or search through your favorite inspirational book for suggestions.

Write down the success of the day

Some days it’s easier to do this than others. Sometimes we have a tough time letting go of the challenges of the day – the offhand comment we took the wrong way or the sale that fell through. Instead of focusing on the negative, think of one or two (or more!) things that went right that day. Did you get the kids out the door without having to remind them 9,568,032,021 times to put on their shoes? High five! Did you smash your personal best time or distance during your run this morning? Heck yeah! Take the time to acknowledge the awesomeness of your life and you’ll find your confidence will grow.

Don’t compare

It’s so tempting to compare ourselves to others, especially in our business. However, comparison is useless. We all came to the business with our own life experiences and knowledge that contribute to our skills as network marketers. No two paths to success are the same! Instead of comparing your journey to another’s, celebrate how far you and the other person have come. 

It is possible that some people thrive on comparing their success to other people’s. Some folks are naturally more competitive and comparison drives them to achieve bigger and better things. If that’s you, keep doing what you’re doing. Use comparison to drive your confidence in yourself and your success. However, for everyone else, everyone’s path is different – take tips from other people’s paths to apply to your own, but don’t copy it exactly. After all, you could follow the exact same path as Steve Jobs, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be as successful.

Add skills; build confidence

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