Network Marketing: How a Positive Attitude Determines Your Success

Network Marketing: How a Positive Attitude Determines Your Success

Network Marketing: How a Positive Attitude Determines Your Success

Want to succeed in network marketing? The first thing you have to ask is: Why do your customers buy from you? 

  1. My network marketing products/services are fantastic
  2. They know me so of course, they’d buy from me
  3. They love the high level of service I offer – service I provide consistently with a smile and great attitude

Sure, your products may be top-notch, but your customers could buy them from another network marketing business. And, it is true that we tend to buy from people we know. However, by far the biggest reason most of your customers buy from you is they love the great service you offer, which includes serving from your heart with a dose of positivity. 

Why attitude matters in network marketing

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in; a positive attitude will take you far in life and in business. The reason is simple: humans are social creatures and we love to buy from and work with people we truly like. It’s not enough to just know someone – sure, that’s part of sales and building trust. However, you could know someone and not want to buy from them because you just don’t like them. Maybe you can’t put a finger on why you’re not too jazzed on them (or maybe they have a rotten attitude and you just don’t want that in your scene). But, you’re less likely to buy from someone you don’t really like. Conversely, you’ll look for ways to buy from someone you truly do like.

With the network marketing industry growing exponentially every year, it’s important to set yourself apart from others you know who may be selling your products and services. The best way to do that is to separate yourself through great service and a great attitude. Make people feel so great buying from you that they find excuses to buy more from you. 

The power of optimism

Optimists get the reputation for being too “Pollyanna” and seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. However, optimism is the most powerful skill you can hone in business.

  • Optimists are more likely to make healthy choices, not only for themselves but for their businesses as well.
  • Optimists tend to be inspiring leaders who see the big picture and can find a way to work with even the most challenging personalities.
  • Optimists lean on perspective to help them through challenging situations and understand that when negative things happen, it’s not a personal slight and it’s certainly not a permanent thing.
  • Optimists approach problems from different angles and tend to be more resilient than their pessimistic counterparts. 

In short, optimists tend to thrive because they look on the bright side of things and seek out solutions to obstacles and challenges. Further, they’re just more positive to hang out with. After a conversation with an optimist, you feel good and energized. 

What makes someone likable?

A great attitude is a huge part of what makes someone likable. Think about it: would you rather buy from someone who’s super negative and whenever you talk to them you feel drained of energy or someone who fills you up with positivity and you leave the conversation feeling super happy? Most would choose the latter. And that is what makes someone likable.

Now, that’s not to say you have to impersonate a peppy cheerleader every time to chat with someone – if you’re not naturally like that, it’ll come off as inauthentic. Instead, look for ways to boost your disposition and put on a happier face.

How to improve your attitude for network marketing success (especially when you’re not naturally positive)

If you weren’t born with an optimistic attitude, don’t worry. There are ways to improve your attitude right now. Give these a try!

Surround yourself with positive people

Positivity is contagious! The more time you spend with positive people, the more positive your disposition will be. It could be because their attitude rubs off on you. Or maybe you just begin to see things from their positive perspective. Whatever the reason, if you want an attitude boost, surround yourself with positive people.

That doesn’t mean you have to ditch your pessimistic friends and loved ones entirely. If you can, limit your time with them. If that’s impossible, try not to let their attitude impact yours. And, you never know, the more positive you become, the more their attitude could change for the better as well!

Read and listen to positive things

We’re inundated with so much negativity every day. Instead of getting sucked into the cycle of negativity, seek out positive books and articles as well as positive podcasts and music. Sure, keep up on current events; however, temper it with positive information.


A smile can transform your entire face. Start your morning with a smile. Answer the phone or respond to a text or email with a smile. Interact with others with a smile. All this smiling will certainly improve your disposition.

Connect with someone

Connecting with a friend, loved one, or even a great customer or team member can give you an attitude boost. Take the opportunity to check in with them, see how they’re doing and wish them a great day. Login to your Teamzy Dashboard to see who you can contact today.

Do something nice for someone

This will not only make the other person’s day, but it’ll make you feel great as well. Plus, it’s the most natural extension of leading a business with heart. The options are endless, whether you buy the coffee of the person behind you during a coffee run or you surprise your best customer with a complimentary product or service. Give from the heart and your attitude will improve. 

Move around

Exercise releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that are responsible for a good mood. When you’re looking to turn around your day, take a walk, hit the treadmill, or do your favorite online workout. It’ll get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing. 

Be a model of positivity to your fellow network marketers

Sometimes you can improve your disposition by embracing a positive attitude for others, including your network marketing team members, to model for themselves. This also provides some accountability for you to keep it up, especially in your business. 

A great attitude becomes a great mood. 

A great mood becomes a great day.

A great day becomes a great year.

A great year becomes a great life.

The effects of a positive attitude will spread beyond the confines of your business. It changes the way you interact with the world and the people you meet. This more open and positive attitude will encourage more people to want to work with you, either buying from you as a customer or joining your team as a network marketer. They’ll want to be around you because you and your attitude give them energy instead of seeming to zap it away. As a result, you’ll find you’re doing more business than before. You’re also able to prevail through challenges and think of more creative solutions for them. Further, you’ll understand that these challenges are temporary and good things are on the horizon. You’ll be eager to learn the lessons of the challenges you face and see them as opportunities to grow and evolve. 

All of this success starts with a positive attitude. A positive attitude impacts not only your day, but also your ability to achieve your goals and milestones, make sales, add prospects to your network, build your team, and build a thriving business. As with any skill, maintaining a positive attitude takes daily practice, which is why it’s so essential to surround yourself with positive people, information, books and more. These outside forces have more impact on you than you may even realize at times. 

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