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Can Your CRM Help You Reach Your Network Marketing Goals for 2020?


Can Your CRM Help You Reach Your Network Marketing Goals for 2020?

Did you know the Teamzy CRM is one of the most powerful tools you can use to build your business? It does so much more than keep you organized; it can also help you achieve all of your goals as well. If you have ambitious goals in mind for 2020, now is the time to tap into the power of Teamzy.

Build a strong foundation with relationship marketing

“Lead generation is cultivating new relationships and deepening your existing relationships. This is the foundation of relationship marketing.”

At its core, network marketing is all about relationships. However, the aggressive selling methods that have been traditionally encouraged don’t actually build relationships; on the contrary, these methods may alienate the people you want to add to your network. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons so many network marketers leave the industry seemingly just as quickly as they join. It’s frustrating to try to build a business in a way that makes you feel like a gross, pushy salesperson; even more so if this approach negatively impacts your relationships for good (or at least the near future). Who wants to feel like people are avoiding them?

Relationship marketing avoids all this awkwardness by offering approaches to help you build your relationships. Sure, you’ll build your team and makes sales, but this is secondary when it comes to building those relationships. And, how do you build relationships? By serving from the heart and finding ways to help the folks in your network, whether it’s with one of your great products or by inviting them to join your team. It’s about showing that you care and focusing on service. The more you serve with heart the closer you’ll be to reaching your goals. 

Keep in touch (with the help of the Teamzy CRM)

Part of showing your network that you care is keeping in touch with them on a consistent basis. This is how you’ll generate leads for your business, and how you’ll reach your goals. It’s not enough to reach out to people once; building a relationship takes time and contact. Now that doesn’t mean contacting them daily until you’ve worn them down to the point where they’ll do anything to make you stop contacting them. You want them to smile and be happy to hear from you! Instead, it means connecting with them in a timeframe that makes sense to grow the relationship. That’s where Teamzy comes in.

Without Teamzy, you’d be staring at a planner or calendar while trying to figure out WHEN to contact each person in your network next. Should you wait a week or month to contact them or extend it out longer? All of this guesswork disappears with Teamzy. The Teamzy CRM uses an algorithm to calculate the perfect time to check in with each person in your network. You’ll follow up with your favorite people – the biggest advocates of your business – more often than the rest of your network. That way you’ll build your relationships with them much more quickly, while still working to build relationships with everyone else. 

Create advocates for your business

If you want to create advocates for your business, it’s essential to communicate with your network the right way. It’s about more than wishing them a great day (although that’s important, too); it’s about learning more about their interests and needs so that you can find solutions for their pain points. Solutions can include the products and services of your business; however, it also includes connecting them with someone in your network who can help. The intention is to position yourself as a person of service to the people in your network.  And that’s where your CRM comes in…

It all begins with text and social media messaging. This is a method that is sure to keep you top of mind without feeling intrusive or like you’re annoying the folks in your network. Just send a short message with the intention to make their day and then pop out. Then, the ball is in their court and if they want to text or chat you back, they can. Of course, don’t be offended if you don’t hear from them right away – people are busy, after all. But, if you keep reaching out to them when the Teamzy CRM tells you, you give them the option to connect back to you. When you follow up consistently, you show you’re reliable, which builds trust and the overall relationship. 

Prioritize each day

Time is our most precious resource. It’s one of those things we feel we don’t have enough of, especially when we’re busy trying to build a business. In order to be productive, and reach the goals we’ve set, it’s vital to focus on our priorities. The Teamzy CRM allows you to prioritize the essential tasks of your business so that you can work smarter, not harder, during your Power Hour. 

Build your business in an hour a day (or less)

We love a Power Hour because we feel that focusing on your business for an hour a day is more productive than trying to spend several distraction-prone hours on it. During that hour, you’ll log in to your Teamzy CRM Dashboard and reach out to the people it tells you to contact that day. Once that’s complete, you’ll work on other areas of your business, including personal development and training. All of these activities bring you closer to reaching your goals.

Most network marketers make the mistake of trying work on their businesses at the same time they’re doing five or six other things. The big problem with this approach is you’re susceptible to distraction. How many times have you tried to do something – anything – when everyone in your family is demanding your attention? It’s impossible, right? 

Although in an ideal world, you’d commit a full, distraction-free hour to your business, the truth is you can divide this hour up into smaller pieces when that proves impossible. For example, commit 15 minutes in the morning after your workout or the school run, 15 minutes at noon after you eat, 15 minutes during school pick up, and 15 minutes before bed. Or, do a half-hour in the morning or a half-hour in the afternoon. It doesn’t matter when you do it; the only thing that matters is that you do it. After all, it’s impossible to reach your goals if you don’t commit to the activities that’ll help you get there. A Power Hour keeps you on task and ensures that no matter how busy life gets, you’ve got your business covered. 

Set realistic goals to achieve

Goal setting can be difficult. Many people struggle with trying to find a balance between achievable targets and ambitious targets. Some folks aim too high and struggle to reach their goals all year (or, more often, give up once they realize they may fall short), while others aim too low and achieve their annual goals before mid-year. 

The Teamzy CRM makes goal setting so much easier. It walks you through the process of setting goals for your business and then breaks those goals into daily and weekly targets. If you’ve never set goals before, or would just like a few tips to set better ones, click on the University tab to watch short videos on goal setting and other business topics. You’ll have everything you need to set ambitious, yet achievable, goals for your business this year and in the years to come.

Help your team succeed

Part of growing your business is growing your downline and one of your goals may be to increase it by a specific percentage. By extending invitations to your network, you have the opportunity to add great people to your team. Once they’re there, it’s vital to offer them the support they need to build thriving businesses of their own. Support comes in many forms.

Rely on your CRM to remind you to check-in

Continue to communicate with your team consistently. They should know that they can reach out to you whenever and that you’ll reach out to them on a regular basis as well. When you check-in with them, ask how they’re doing, celebrate their successes, and ask about any challenges they’re experiencing. See it as an opportunity to mentor them and share your experience and expertise with similar challenges. Offering your perspective may help them think of new ways to approach it. Additionally, they’ll appreciate that you care enough about their success to offer your expertise. 

Encourage personal growth

Personal growth is not only important for you; it’s important for your team as well. Encourage them to participate in training opportunities that can help them grow their businesses, such as Elite Business Bootcamp or the training videos in the University tab on the Teamzy CRM. 

Achieve your goals in 2020 with the Teamzy CRM

Whether you’ve started on the path to achieving your goals or need a bit of help in that area, Teamzy can help! Click here to learn more and see how Teamzy can help you build your business and achieve your goals. 

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