Generate more leads: Become a Power Hour Boss


Generate more leads: Become a Power Hour Boss

Want to generate more leads and expand your network? At some point in their business journey, many network marketers feel as if they’ve hit a wall. They become convinced that they can’t grow their networks because they’ve already added everyone they know. The truth is there are always people to add to your network when you tap into the networks of the people you know. However, to get to the point where you can ask for an introduction, you have to build your relationships with them, and that’s where a Power Hour comes in.

What is a Power Hour?

A Power Hour is time you set aside several times a week (ideally, every day) to connect with your network. It’s your time to say “hello,” make someone’s day, and generate more leads for your business. Although many network marketers waste time wondering who to call first, you can just log into your Teamzy Dashboard for a list of people to contact each day. Once that’s complete, and you’ve worked through your follow up list, take some time to work on your business and sharpen your skills. Teamzy offers short training videos to help you sharpen your sales and business skills, as well as longer training programs to help you build a strong network marketing business.

When you’re first starting out in your business, your network may not be very large, so it likely won’t take you a full hour. However, the longer you’re in business and the larger your network gets, the more time it will take you. If your network becomes huge, that’s when you may spend the full hour reaching out to and following up with your network. This may sound like a lot, especially if you’re busy. That’s why many people break that hour up into smaller chunks that fit into their days, such as 2 30-minute blocks, 4 15-minute blocks, etc.

Generate more leads in less an hour per day

Time is the most precious resource we have. We often complain we don’t have enough of it! That’s why if you want to build a network marketing business that thrives, it’s important to make time for your business. To do that, you have to schedule in time for lead generation. 

When relationships are the center of your business, lead generation looks a bit different. Instead of focusing on the sale, you’re focusing on building relationships with your customers, prospects, and distributors. Each time you reach out, you’re building trust, character, and confidence with your network. And when you connect and follow up with your network consistently, you’re also creating advocates for your business. Lead generation turns into having the confidence to ask your network for introductions to other great people just like them. When they can rely on you, as well as like and trust you, the people in your network will be more likely to make those introductions to other great people they know.

Why introductions?

When we like a product or service, we recommend it to other people, right? Sometimes. However, unless it comes up organically in conversation or if someone asks us directly, we often don’t think to recommend something out of the blue. For example, we may eat the most amazing meal at a restaurant, but unless someone asks us “do you know any good restaurants?” or they mention they’re celebrating a special event, we may not think to tell them about that great restaurant. The same is true of your network. They may think the world of you and love the products or services you’re selling; however, unless someone asks them about your industry, they may not recommend you.

Introductions cut through that. You’re asking them to introduce you to someone they know who would benefit from your business or opportunity. It makes the lead more concrete. That way you can grow and expand your network by filling it with people who appreciate your business.

Become a Power Hour Boss

We developed Teamzy to help take the guesswork out of building a network marketing business. So many network marketers waste time organizing index cards, shuffling notebooks, or examining spreadsheets trying to figure out who to connect with first. In the time it takes to create a list, you could have already connected with 10 people. 

Teamzy uses your goals to create a daily to-do list for you. Your Dashboard has the names of everyone you need to contact that day. The more ambitious your goals and the larger your network, the more tasks you’ll have the more people you need to contact everyday. Similarly, if your goals are modest or you have a smaller network, you may have fewer tasks. All you have to do is login and start connecting with your network. The more often you do so – we recommend daily – the more likely you are to stay on track to achieve your goals.

Make time to generate more leads

It sounds so simple, but it’s the hardest thing to do for many network marketers. Making time for your business is essential if you want to build a business that lasts. Schedule it into your day and make sure to stick to it, no matter what. Make it one of your top two priorities for the day; the task you need to get done, no matter what else demands your attention. And, break it up into smaller pieces, if you need to. The important thing is to get it done each and every day.

If you’re not sure when to schedule it for, try a few different times. If you find that afternoons are less hectic for you than mornings, then schedule it for the afternoon. Or, if you feel you must get it done in the morning or else you won’t do it at all, schedule it for the morning. The important part is getting it done. 

Focus on making their day

Sales are important. However, the relationship you build with your network are the lifeblood of your business. That’s why instead of pushing the sale, we insist on just saying “hello.” A simple “hello” is all you need to build the foundation of a relationship. In our scripts, we start with “hello” and end with well wishes to have a great day. This not only reveals your character, it also shows the other person that you mean more to them than a sale. You truly care about them and want to serve. Although some may respond right away, others may not, and that’s fine. They may be busy at the moment. However, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t see the message. They did. And seeing it likely made their day. How happy would you be if you got a message from someone just saying “hi” and wishing that you have a good day? Chances are, you’d feel honored and happy. That’s how your network feels, too. 

Connect with your network on their terms

Unlike traditional sales, when you put your relationships first, you don’t have to cold call. In fact, who talks on the phone these days? Unless you’re speaking with an older relative or a telemarketer, most conversations happen over text when they’re not face-to-face. Most people prefer texting, including your network.

During your Power Hour, you’ll connect with your network via texting and messaging apps. That way, you’re sure it’ll be read, unlike a voicemail which may go unchecked for weeks (or forever, let’s face it). Simply type your message and hit send. That’s it.

If you’re not sure what to say, we have scripts to get you started. The best part is that they’re short and to the point so you can be even more sure that they’re read. Copy them verbatim or use them as a starting point to craft your own message. Just remember to change the name and personalize it with your favorite emojis. 

Consistently generate more leads

This is key. In order to build trust and generate more leads, you have to do your Power Hour consistently. Even when motivation is low or you feel you have too many other things to do. If you want to achieve your goals and create a successful business, you have to put in the time every day. 

However, this is often the biggest hurdle network marketers face. It’s hard to be consistent when life demands so much from you every day. However, it must be done. If doing your Power Hour every day isn’t possible try to do it three times a week. The important thing is to make it part of your routine so that it becomes a normal part of your day. Eventually, you won’t even need to write it down or schedule it in; it’ll become automatic.

Let Teamzy help you become a Power Hour Boss

Teamzy was developed to help you generate more leads and build a strong network marketing business. Every day you’ll know exactly who to contact and what to say. See how close you are to achieving your goals, sharpen your skills with our training videos, and more. It’s an easier way to build and grow your network marketing business. Click here for more information.

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