How to Nurture Relationships and Grow Your Network


How to Nurture Relationships and Grow Your Network

If you’re like many network marketers, one of the reasons you started your business was to create and foster relationships with people. Of course, you want to make money, but you also may be driven by the need to help others. If there’s one thing the challenges of 2021 revealed, it’s the need for human connection and support. We want to connect with each other. As a network marketer, this is your opportunity to nurture relationships with your network.

The people in your network want to hear from you, regardless of the time of year. However, the summer months offer many opportunities to connect with one another. Whether you’ve stayed on top of connecting to your network or you’ve been meaning to ramp up productivity, there’s never been a better time to nurture relationships and grow your network.

Why you should connect with your network

As a network marketer, you’re building a business based on the relationships you have with your customers, prospects, and distributors. Although many of these relationships were created long before you started your business, others may have developed after. It’s important to connect with each of these people, especially if you want to grow your business. 

Since your business relies on your relationships, you must reach out and connect with them on a consistent basis. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to call or message them every day of the week. Doing so may be perceived as annoying or aggressive; something a traditional salesperson would do. That’s how bridges are burned. Instead, you’ll get in touch with them on a regular basis and stay in touch by following up. How often you connect with them will depend on your relationship with them. The stronger your relationship with them, the more often you’ll reach out. With Teamzy, you’ll connect with your biggest advocates once a month. It’s often enough to stay top of mind, but not so often that they feel bugged or annoyed. Enough to pop in, say hello, find out if there’s a need to fill, and then follow up. Over time, you’ll build bridges, instead of burning them like with traditional sales methods. You’ll have a stronger network filled with advocates.

How to nurture relationships in your network

Follow these tips to help you build relationships with your network.

Say hi

Want to make someone’s day? Say “hi.” 

Although many network marketers will spend hours trying to think of the perfect thing to say, the reality is, the best conversation starter is a simple “hello.” It’s the most natural way to start a conversation and grow your relationship with each person in your network. It’s a natural segue into asking them how they’re doing. This gives you the opportunity to look for a need you can fill. 

While many salespeople will dive right in and push for a sale, those who value the relationship first will look for the opportunity to improve and strengthen the relationship. In addition to having the opportunity to learn more about the other person, it provides the chance to develop the relationship. Even if you don’t see an obvious need right now. It lays the groundwork to continue to build the relationship so you can look for that need in the future. Each time you reach out to the people in your network, you have the opportunity to nurture relationships.

Be consistent when you nurture relationships

It’s hard to nurture relationships with your network when you don’t consistently reach out. If they hear from you twice in a week and then don’t hear from you again for 10 months, it’s difficult to build trust and reassure them that you’re reliable. Consistency shows that you value not only your relationship with them, but also them as people. You have enough respect for them to value their relationship and their time. 

Teamzy makes it easier to be consistent. Once you upload and sort your network, Teamzy lets you know when to contact them. Instead of wondering who to call and when, you’ll just simply log into your Dashboard and get connecting. You’ll contact your advocates more often so you stay top of mind. 

Look for ways to help

When you reach out, your customer, prospect, or distributor may mention a challenge they’re facing. For example, a customer may mention that they were doing yard work and felt sore because they’re out of shape. If you’re in the business of health and fitness, this is your “in” to mention a workout that would help them improve their strength. Or, if they mention the heat of the summer is worsening their child’s acne, you can mention some products if you’re in the business of skincare. 

Although not every conversation will reveal a way you can help you network, you should still listen for a need anyway. Some people will open up about that sort of thing readily. Others don’t like to reveal information that seems too personal, at least overtly. It’s still important to listen to what they’re saying and try to find a need to help with. 

Don’t forget the follow up – the ultimate act of nurturing relationships

Once you’ve helped – whether by recommending a product or service of your own or someone else – follow up. Although many network marketers avoid following up because they don’t want to seem salesy or annoying, following up is an act of love. It’s a check-in to see how they’re doing, if the recommendation is working, and if they need more help. This not only shows that you care, but it also shows them that you have their best interests at heart. Whenever you reach out to them, you’ll continue to build strong foundations for the future and nurture relationships with them. It also makes it easier to ask for introductions to people just like them, which helps to grow your network. 

Connect with your network all season long

Feeling social? Whether you’re meeting in person or for regular online chats, there’s never been a better time to connect with your network.

Commit to your Power Hour

Just because the sun’s out doesn’t mean it’s time to cancel your Power Hour. The summer months are busy. It’s more important than ever to set aside an hour or less a day to reach out and connect with your network. Log into your Teamzy Dashboard and see your list of who to contact. Then, start reaching out. If you’re stuck about what to say, Teamzy has you covered there, too, with scripts to keep the conversation going after saying “hello.” 

Keep in mind that the people in your network are busy as well, so they may not respond right away. That’s okay. They’ve seen your message and are likely to respond when they get time. And, if they don’t, they may respond the next time. The important thing is you’re reaching out and taking the time to make their day, which is an important way to nurture relationships with everyone in your network. 

Be the center of your network

Network marketing allows you to be the center of your network. The longer you’re a network marketer, the larger your business will grow and the more people you’ll be able to serve. You’ll also become more connected to other business people in your network, which gives you the opportunity to serve even more people.

If you or your business aren’t able to help someone in your network with a challenge, you can tap into the other people in your network to help. These introductions encourage them to introduce you to other people and show them the way to do it. When you look for ways to connect people with one another, they’ll begin to see you as the hub of your network, which builds trust. 

Ask for introductions

As a network marketer, your business relies on the strength of your network and relationships. The more you serve your network, the stronger those relationships will be. However, one of the biggest mistakes network marketers make is assuming that the people in their network will recommend them to their friends. Although this may happen, sometimes people need to be nudged. Even your biggest advocates need a reminder from time to time – after all, they’re busy as well. 

Instead of assuming they’ll recommend you, ask them to introduce you to people they know who could benefit from your business. Start with your biggest advocates and ask them if they know anyone who can benefit from your business and the services you provide. If so, ask them to introduce you. Even if they can’t think of anyone right now, you’ve given them a task, and they’re likely to think about it over the course of a few days. Follow up with them, if they don’t reach out to you first, to ask for a name and other contact information so you can reach out. If they don’t give you a name right away, that’s fine, too. They’ll likely continue to think about it and may respond with someone who can benefit from what you have to offer. 

Teamzy makes it easy to nurture relationships and grow your business

Relationships are the center of your network marketing business. To grow your business, it’s vital to nurture relationships with everyone in your network through regular, consistent contact. Teamzy makes it easier to build your network marketing business. Click here to learn more.

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