Grow Your Team


Grow Your Team

As a network marketer, there’s one thing you’re focused on and that’s growth. Whether it’s growing your business or your team or even growing the number and level of services that you offer, growth is on your mind. But how do you grow each of these things? Although growing your business, your team, and the number of products and services you offer all seem like different tasks, they are all rooted in one thing: growing your team. The more you grow your team, both in skills and in size, the more you will grow your business, which allows you to offer more products and services. Here’s how to grow your team so that the rest of the growth follows.

Talk business and grow

People can’t join your team if they don’t know what you do. Many network marketers are scared to talk about their businesses because they don’t want to seem intrusive or like they’re always trying to sell something. However, you have to talk about your business so that people know what you’re up to and what you’re selling, even if you’re not actively making a sale. The more you talk about your business, the more likely you will be to get more people interested in joining your team. 

What do you want your business to look like?

It’s a good idea to review your business at least once a year to see if you’re still aligning with your vision. Ask yourself the following questions: How many customers and distributors do you have in your network? What is the ideal number? This will tell you how much you need to grow your business. 

If you’re just starting out, you may think small. As you grow your business, you may wish to adjust your figures. Perhaps growing your business by 20% seemed like a pipedream when you first started, but now it seems feasible. Or, vice versa. The point is to figure out what number you want to aim for and then put a plan in place to make it a reality.

It also allows you to target who you want to recruit to join your team. Think about what you want your business to look like. Do you want your team members to operate like you do and work relationally; that is, value their relationships and make every effort to nurture them? Or do you want star performers who are future leaders? You could want a combination of these or something totally different. Whatever it is, take out a piece of paper or open a notes app on your phone and start to make a list of people that you can think of that you would like on your team.

Although you will want to talk about your business with everyone, these are the people who you will talk about it with the most in an effort to try to recruit them. It will take time in most cases. However, the more you talk to them about your business and share your successes and what you’re up to, the more likely they will be to want to join your team.

Lean into your advocates

The strongest advocates of your business want you to succeed. They’re excited to introduce you to people they also know and care about… you just have to ask for the introduction. They’ve probably been talking about your business for months; asking them to introduce you provides them the opportunity to share your services with their favorite people.

So why aren’t they introducing you already? Although they love you and your business, they may not remember to recommend you to their family and friends. That’s not to say they wouldn’t, they’re just busy with their own lives and responsibilities. However, you can ask them to introduce you to people who would benefit from your business or the opportunity you’re offering, then make sure you continue to keep in touch with them, follow up, and look for ways to serve them.

Follow up

Following up is the key to success in business, regardless of what your business is. Whenever you have a conversation with someone or reach out to them, you have the opportunity to follow up with them at a later time. Unfortunately, many people, especially salespeople, do not follow up after connecting with someone. They let weeks or months go by before they reach out again to check in or respond to a question. This is a wasted opportunity. The more you connect with someone the more trust you will build with them. Trust is the foundation of all relationships If you want to build relationships with everyone in your database it’s important to build trust. Trust is built on consistent connections. Reach out consistently and remember to follow up.

It’s important to follow up with the people who you want on your team. The chances of recruiting them after one conversation are low. However, those odds increase the more you talk to them and the more you follow up with them. Teamzy makes it easier to follow up. You can set the time to follow up, or you can wait until the person comes up on the list again. No one falls through the cracks.

Share your vision and mission

If you want to build a great team it’s important to share your vision and mission with potential members. That way you can attract like-minded people to your team. This makes it an enjoyable way to build a business and grow a great team.

What is your vision? Do you have a mission? If you’re new to network marketing you may need to develop these. Even if you’ve been in network marketing for a long time, it helps to revisit your vision and mission to make sure that you are living up to them. If your vision and mission are old or you haven’t reviewed them in a while, take the time to review them and adjust them to your current goals and ambitions. Then set a date to review them each year to make sure that they are fresh and coincide with what you are currently striving for. 

Share your vision and mission with your current team members to ensure that they’re on the same page as you. After all, you want to make sure that you’re rowing the boat in the same direction.

Grow yourself 

With all the emphasis on growing your team, it’s important to lose sight of growing the most important person in your business: yourself. If you want to grow your business, it’s important to grow your skills and expertise as well as your teams. Your team wants to work with a strong leader with the sharpest skills who they can learn from and be inspired by. Make sure you’re living up to your end of the bargain by always looking for ways to improve your skills and expertise.

Sign up for trainings that allow you to not only network with other brilliant. Successful salespeople but also improve your skills as well. Find ways to stay on the cutting edge of sales and build relationships with others. Become a voracious reader or a listener of books by successful leaders or about them. This allows you to learn from their successes as well as their mistakes.

Let Teamzy help you grow your team

Teamzy makes it easy and fun to build your business. Keep track of your network’s information all in one spot. Always know who you need to follow up with and what you need to do each day during your Power Hour. Growing your network and team has never been easier or more fun. Click here to learn more.

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