Network Marketing: How to Build a Business in the Age of Uncertainty


Network Marketing: How to Build a Business in the Age of Uncertainty

Whether you’ve been a network marketer for years or you’re brand-new to it, your top goal is to build a thriving network. A growing, vibrant network is essential to building a successful and resilient business, regardless of the state of the market and the world. However, with all of the uncertainty of the last several months, many network marketers may be wondering if it’s possible to continue to grow their businesses at a time like this. The short answer: it’s always a great time to build a business as long as you stick to the basics and work from the heart.

Why network marketing?

People go into network marketing for many reasons. Perhaps the product or service you sell had such a profound impact on your life that you want to share it with everyone you know. That’s why I got into it; I was already telling everyone I knew about the great results I was getting from BeachBody that my wife suggested that I should make it my business and get paid for what I was doing anyway! That single decision had a profound impact on my life and led me to where I am today. 

Other people choose network marketing because it allows them to make money on their own terms. They can work for themselves, earn money, and make their own hours without having a boss breathing down their necks. Although these folks may dip their toes in while they’re working a regular 9 to 5 job, many successful ones eventually break free from the constraints of an office job and focus on network marketing full time. 

People also become network marketers to earn extra money to support the family. Often, they have a big goal they want to save for, such as a down payment on a new home or a once-in-a-lifetime family vacation. Or, they may want to build up their savings accounts to relieve some financial stress. This makes it a great option for caregivers and parents with children at home (which, in the current climate where online learning is becoming the norm, is a large number of people). 

Which of these groups, or a combination of these groups, apply to you? When you remember why you chose to start a network marketing business, it’s easier to stay on track to achieve your goals. 

Tap into the benefits of building a business in network marketing

Network marketing has a myriad of benefits. Here are just a few.


Network marketing gives you the freedom to enjoy more time doing what you want to do. Unlike many businesses where you’ll spend hours and hours plugging away at tasks you may or may not enjoy, network marketing allows you to connect with the people you know and like in your network. Teamzy provides a system that allows you to focus on the right people in your network for an hour or less a day. The Teamzy algorithm keeps your goals in mind and provides you a list of network contacts to connect with each day. Just reach out, log your work and you’re done. The result is a growing business, strong network relationships, and more time in your busy schedule. Many parents are homeschooling and participating in virtual learning this fall; with network marketing, you can rest assured that you can participate in your kids’ education without having to worry about falling behind in your business. 


Network marketing helps many people reach their financial goals. When I first got into network marketing, I had a goal to save an extra $500 per month so we could move to a home that could accommodate our growing family. My business allowed me to achieve my goal. 

We encourage network marketers to set financial goals for their businesses. This helps them focus on what they truly want to get out of the business. You can set a financial goal of any size. Maybe you just want to put a bit extra aside for a rainy day or you want to fund your retirement or your children’s college funds. Maybe you have a more ambitious goal to buy a second home or earn enough to quit your regular job. Whatever your goal, network marketing can help you get there. But first, you have to do the work and stay focused. 

What’s the biggest benefit for you?

Time and money are the most common benefits. However, if you asked 100 network marketers what the biggest benefit was for them, you’d likely get 100 different answers. Some love network marketing because it allows them to tap into what they do best – connect with others and develop strong relationships. These folks are helpers at heart and are always looking for ways to improve the lives of those in their networks. Others may say they love working for themselves and feel fortunate that the money they earn allows them to craft the lives they’ve dreamed of living. So, think about it: What do you see is the biggest benefit of network marketing for you?

Why does all of this matter?

In uncertain times, we cling to what is familiar to us. We may begin to operate from a place of fear, which can affect our decision making. Fear begins to sow the seeds of doubt and cause us to second-guess why we started our network marketing businesses in the first place. It colors how we view our progress toward our goals and says, “well, you’re nowhere near achieving those lofty goals you set in January. Just quit now.” or “This is a terrible time to run a business.” As a result, many network marketers begin to listen to the ugly, lying voice of fear and close up shop. Although they may say it’s only temporary, ‘temporary’ often becomes permanent.  

However, the most successful network marketers view times of uncertainty as both a challenge and an opportunity. Yes, it’s a challenge to grow a business at this time when things seem everything but normal. However, it’s also an opportunity to serve their networks. They have the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with past, current, and future customers and team members; connect the people in their networks with others who can help, including other people within the network, model relationship marketing to their teams, and encourage others to join their teams as well. Instead of working from a place of fear and focusing on what they can’t do, they work from a place of optimism and hope and focus on all the good they can do. 

Mindset matters

Take a page from the most successful network marketers and focus on your mindset. When you find yourself succumbing to the fear monster, think of something positive. It could be something you’re grateful for or maybe even a mantra or saying that fills you with hope. The important part is to retrain your brain to look for the bright side instead of dwelling on the negative.

Who will you help today?

When you build a business with heart, this is a question you’ll ask yourself frequently. This doesn’t mean grand, sweeping gestures; in fact, most days, it means have you made someone’s day. With Teamzy, each time you reach out to your network, you do so with the goal of checking in and wishing them well. Think of it as sprinkling sunshine on your network. It’s a normal human need to want others to think of us – by showing someone you’re thinking of them, they’ll feel honored. What better way to strengthen the relationship?

Help also comes in the form of listing for a need. When you connect with your customers, prospects, and team members, listen for a pain point that they may be experiencing. They may not say it outright, which is why you’ll have to listen for it. Is it something you or your business can help with? Do you know someone in your network who can help? Look for a way to be of service. 

Maintain your routine

In times of uncertainty, it’s reassuring to lean into your routine. Continue to reach out to your network and connect with them daily. Do your Power Hour and record your progress. Celebrate small victories and stay on track toward your goals. If you notice a dip in business, keep working at it and continue to check in with the people on your list each day. Remember, you’re planting the seeds for future business. Like the garden, some plants take longer to germinate and grow than others. But, if you put in the time and effort, those seeds will grow into full-grown plants. 

Let Teamzy help you build a business in uncertain times

Teamzy was developed to make it easier to build and develop a thriving network marketing business. Simply import your network and set your goals. Teamzy uses this information to let you know who to contact each day. Set aside an hour to connect with your network and you’ll begin to grow your business. Click here to learn more. 

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