Priorities: Get More Out of Each Day


Priorities: Get More Out of Each Day

Summer is upon us. It’s time to enjoy long summer days, taking time for self-care, and spending time outdoors in the sun. It’s understandable that you may find your mind wandering more often at this time of year. After all, it’s so tempting to toss your to-do list and enjoy the day. However, as an ambitious network marketer, you want to get the most out of each day, while keeping summer distractions at bay. What are your priorities?

Where many network marketers falter is instead of spending time each day working on their business, they give in to the urge to put it off for a day. Unfortunately, over time it becomes easier to keep putting it off. Before they know it, they’ve lost touch with the people in their networks. They may even begin to forget they have a business to build! 

The good news is you can avoid this fate by doing one simple thing – make your business a priority. When your business is a priority, the rest falls into place.

Why it’s important to set your priorities each day (and make your business one of them)

If something is a priority, it’s important to you. You’re sure to do it, no matter what happens during the day. Nothing can possibly get in the way of your completing that task. When something isn’t a priority, it’s easy to ignore it or put it off. Although you may reassure yourself that you’ll get back to it, it’s less likely.

There are big benefits to setting your priorities each day, and including your business among them. 

You’ll make more efficient and effective use of your time

Time is precious. If you want to do all you need to do each day, it’s important to prioritize the most important things on the list. This helps to ensure that you’ll do them instead of allowing other, less important tasks and distractions from taking over. 

Additionally, instead of wasting time wondering what you should do first and where to begin, you’ll already know what you need to focus on first. Teamzy makes it even easier by providing you with a list of people in your network to contact each day. If you’re not sure what to say, we’ve got you covered there as well, with scripts. Just copy and paste the text (after inserting their name in the appropriate spot), or use it as a springboard to create your own personalized message – whatever works for you. Our system will make you a more effective network marketer as you’ll have more time and energy to spend building relationships with your top advocates.

You’ll be able to offer your best self to those who matter most

Not prioritizing our time leaves us feeling frazzled and burned out. We spend our time wondering where to begin, who to contact first, and when to squeeze it all in. So much energy is spent trying to get started that we often never really get started because we’re too tired. Or, we only give it half of our attention and energy just to get it done and cross it off the list. That’s not entirely fair to the people in your network who you connect with that day, especially if they’re among your top advocates. When you prioritize your day and your to-do list, you can give your network your all.

You’ll get more out of your day and your business

Prioritizing renews your motivation and attitude toward your business. Instead of seeing it as something you have to get done, you’ll see it as something you’re lucky to do. You have the opportunity to help and serve people in a way that many aren’t able to. With your renewed energy, you’ll feel more connected to your business and happier in general.

How to prioritize this summer

Get started prioritizing your day today!

Circle your top one or two priorities

It all begins with a list of your tasks for the day. Once you’ve written it all down, review the list and circle or put a star next to the two most important tasks of the day. One of those tasks should be your Power Hour to connect with your network. Then, get started. By highlighting the most important tasks on the list and getting started on them first, you’ll help to ensure you get them done. Then, once those are done, move to the next most important things on your list. 

Schedule it

Call it a date with your business. If you want to make sure you do something, put it in your calendar. Even the most successful network marketers put their Power Hour into their calendars daily. They schedule other important tasks for the day as well. 

Figure out a time that you’re sure to do your Power Hour. Remember, it’s not necessary to carve out a whole hour, especially if you’re just starting out and your network is small. Most can work through their lists in 30 minutes or less. Find 30 minutes in your day when you can work on your business. 

And, if you get it done in less than 30 minutes, take some time to work on yourself and watch one of our training videos. They’ll help you keep your skills sharp so you can better serve your network.

Stumped where to start? Does everything seem like a priority?

It’s normal to have those days where everything feels like a priority and everything is super important. However, you can only choose one or two things to be the main stars of the day before you move on to everything else. If you want to know what your top priority is, look at your goals. 

This, again, goes back to what one of those top priorities of the day should be – your business. If your goal is to double your sales this year, every day and every Power Hour counts. Make it your top priority. 

Additionally, if your goal is to run a virtual 5k or 10k at the end of the summer, then every day that you train is important. Don’t push it off because you have laundry piling up or it would be so nice to go outside and enjoy the sun. Tie on those running shoes and get going; rest can come after. Right now, it’s you and your goals.

How to stay motivated & stick to your priorities

Motivation is something that needs regular topping up. 

Review your goals

Your goals are a surefire way to get motivated. Once you remember what you’re striving for, it’s easier to stay on track.

Log into Teamzy and see where you stand on your journey toward your goals. Are you ahead of schedule, on track, or behind. If you’re ahead or on track, keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re behind, continue to work hard and connect with your network. Think back to when you created the goal – why did you set the goal? What was your motivation then? This can help you rekindle your excitement toward achieving the goal and help you stay motivated to make your business a priority.

Review your why

Another way to renew your motivation is to review your Why, or your reason for starting a network marketing business in the first place. If you’re new to Teamzy, we have a tutorial to help you find it. Once you know what it is, post a reminder of it where you can see it daily. Remembering your reason for working hard on building your business can help you stay on track when it seems easier to give in to the distractions of the day. 

Get a coach

If you’re not sure what your priorities should be or if you’re having trouble sticking to them, enlist the help of a coach. A coach can use their unbiased perspective to help you weed out what’s not important so you can focus on what is. They can also help you stick to your goals, set new ones, and build the foundation for a successful network marketing business. 

Start with Teamzy to get more out of each day

Achieve more with Teamzy! We’re more than just a CRM, we’ve designed Teamzy specifically for network marketers who wish to build a business based on service and strong relationships. We give network marketers – from those new to the industry to experienced pros – the tools they need to build successful network marketing businesses. Simply log in to get started. Click here to learn more.

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