Strength in Numbers: Build a Strong Network, Enjoy a Strong Business


Strength in Numbers: Build a Strong Network, Enjoy a Strong Business

Many network marketers want to build the foundation for a strong business. Businesses that will withstand the test of time and survive any challenges that come their way. This is the goal of many business owners even in non-network-related businesses. But how do you do it? How can you build a strong business that will withstand any challenge that comes its way? By building a strong business network of people who you can rely on to help sustain your business. When you focus on relationships to build your business, it becomes much easier to build the foundation for a strong business. Here’s how to do it.

Focus on connection

Relationships are built upon connections that we have with one another. If you want to build a strong business, you have to focus on connecting with everyone that you meet. Now, not everyone you meet will want to be part of your network; however, many of those you meet well. It’s important to try to find connections with everyone so that you can choose who you would like to be in your network. Finding connections is about finding commonalities with other people. What do you have in common? 

The best way to find out is to ask questions. Further, it’s important to listen to their responses. Many people get into the habit of asking questions but not listening to the answers. We’re wrapped up and thinking of a clever thing to say. However, this is where the relationship suffers. Instead of absorbing what they’re saying and looking for connections, many are trying to impress the other person with witty responses. This makes it difficult to form a connection. 

That’s why it’s important to ask open-ended questions, that is, questions that require more than a yes or no answer, and listen to the response and its entirety. Then, take a second to listen to what they’re saying and respond accordingly. The other person will appreciate that you took the time to listen to what they’re saying. They’ll also appreciate that you seem to care about what they’re saying as well.

The good news is, if you’re not great at making conversation and asking questions now, you will be after you practice a bunch. The more you reach out and try to connect with other people, the better you’ll be at making conversation to learn more about them. Although you may feel awkward at first, over time you will wonder why you felt so awkward to begin with. Remember, the best way to get better at something is through practice so practice connecting with other people and you will be sure to create strong connections.

Build trust

As you get to know the people in your network, you will build the relationship. Relationships and a strong businesse are built upon trust. The more your network trusts you, the more likely you are to build a stronger relationship. The more likely they also are to want to introduce you to other people in their networks they could benefit from the services that you provide. To build trust you have to focus on continually connecting with your network consistently. They have to know they could trust you and rely upon you to do what you say you’re going to do. 

No one wants to be seen as a mark, so you must contact people even if they don’t buy from you or haven’t bought from you yet. You want to make their day and show them that you genuinely appreciate them. If they have questions, then answer them promptly, and be sure to follow up with them. The more you do what you say you’re going to do, the more they know that they can trust you. And the more they know that they can trust you, the more likely they will be to buy from you. 

Think about it, we all like to buy from people that we know and trust. For example, think about the last skincare item you purchased. Did you buy it from someone you knew and trusted? Even if you didn’t purchase this item from another network marketer, you likely purchased a brand that you know and trust and have had good results with. The same is true for your business. Your network is more likely to buy from you if they know and trust you.

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to building trust in any relationship. However, consistency is something that many network marketers struggle with, I’ll see because they don’t have a system that they can follow. Sometimes they simply forget to follow up with the other person. Other times they feel awkward following up, or like they’re somehow infringing upon or annoying the other person instead of providing them with a high level of service. Neither of these is true. And people in your network want to hear from you. Therefore, you’re not annoying them by reaching out to make their day or with an answer to a question that they had. 

To become more consistent, one must make it a habit. A system helps to make consistency a habit in your daily life, an essential of a strong business. Over time, consistently reaching out to the people on your network becomes as easy and natural as brushing your teeth daily. It’s just something that you do without even giving it a second thought. Teamzy makes it easy to become more consistent. We use your network and your list of goals to create a daily list of people to reach out to. You don’t have to feel like you’re annoying these folks; we devised the list based on your relationship with them. This means that you will contact your top advocates more often than you’ll connect with people who you don’t know as well. And what better way to build a strong business?

Follow up for a strong business

Light consistency, follow me up is one of those things that many network marketers know they have to do but often don’t get around to it. They feel like they’re annoying the other person or they just simply forget to follow up. However, following up is an act of love. It shows that you respect the other person enough to reach back out to them to check in with them. This helps to build the relationship while also showing your expertise with your products and your industry.

If following up makes you feel uncomfortable, be sure to practice it until it becomes second nature. We have to feel uncomfortable doing things that we’re not used to doing. So, if you’re not used to following up because you’re new to network marketing or you’ve just never done it before, practice. We have a variety of scripts to use to help you become more comfortable with following up with your network. If you don’t follow up because you can’t remember, then follow A system that will help you keep it top of mind. Teamzy was created to make it easier to build a network marketing business based on your relationships with people in your network. Set reminders to follow up with the people in your network. These are reminders that you can set yourself. So, if a customer tells you to check back in with him in a week, it’s easy to set an appointment for a week from now so you can remember to check in with them. A strong business is built upon following up.

Commit to service

When you’re building a strong business based on your relationships, service becomes part of the deal. You are committed to serving those in your network, as well as the people that they introduce you to. Your network consists of more than people who buy from you. There are people who you like and trust. And in return, they like and trust you. And this makes it easier and more enjoyable to build a business. Every time you speak to people in your network it’s important to look for a way to serve them. That is, listen for a need that you might be able to fill. 

For example, if they say they want to get in better shape before the holidays, and your business is Wellness or Fitness related, then recommend a product or service that you offer. Even if you are not in the fitness vertical, you might know someone who is, and this is your opportunity to introduce them. This also allows you to show the other person how you would prefer to be introduced. Making connections between people is just one more way that you can serve the people in your network.

Have a system

A system will give you the tools you need to follow to build a strong business. We created Teamzy to make it easy and more fun to be on the network business that you love to lead. Our system is built upon relationships. Instead of burning bridges trying to make a sale, you’ll trust and gain introductions. If you love to serve and build relationships, Teamzy can help you build a business you love. If you’re not using Teamzy yet, what are you waiting for? Find out how Teamzy can help you build a strong business.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

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