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Success 101: How to Succeed in 2021


Success 101: How to Succeed in 2021

What does success mean to you? Is it a large and growing network? Or, is it a thriving business with a substantial amount of money in the bank? Perhaps it’s being able to live life on your own terms and having the peace of mind to know that if unexpected bills arrive you can pay them without having to do creative budgeting? 

Success is personal and unique to everyone. While some network marketers equate success with riches and professional acknowledgement, others see success as being able to pay bills and extra luxuries without having to stress. Others will know they’ve achieved success when they’re able to share their success with other people and mentor new and experienced network marketers who seek to build thriving businesses. 

Defining success

As we prepare to turn the page on 2020, take some time to reflect on the year. It’s safe to say that no one predicted that 2020 would turn out the way it did when they planned for 2020. Although the events of the year created setbacks and challenges for many, it also offered opportunities to learn and grow. 

Although many network marketers saw it as an opportunity to grow their businesses and exceed their goals, others had to go back to the drawing board and reset their trajectories. They may have had to extend their goal deadlines for another year and adjust the milestones they planned to reach along the way. At the time, these network marketers may not feel successful; however, the lessons they’ve learned this year will help them handle any setbacks they may face in the future. 

If you think back a year, would you still define success in the same way? Or, have you gained a new perspective on it, and see it slightly differently than before? Often, when we go through challenges, we begin to re-examine our perspective and think a bit differently than we did before. As a result, our definition of success may change as well. 

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.”

—Frank Lloyd Wright

So, what does success mean to you? And, are you on track to achieving it in the years ahead? If you’ve revised your definition of success, have you refined your goals to help you achieve your new definition? 

If you’re not sure, take some time in this reflective time of year to think it out.

“I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed.”

—Booker T. Washington

Success tip 1: Accept what is…

Take a moment to get the pulse of your life. What does your business look like now? What habits of success are you cultivating now that will help your business thrive and succeed?

It helps to make a list. Write down the following:

  • What is going well?
  • What can be improved?
  • Are you on track to achieving your goals?
  • Have you set goals that are attainable in 2021?
  • Which habits are helping you thrive?
  • Which habits are holding you (and your business) back?

The answers to all of these questions will help you formulate a game plan for 2021. 

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire, the size of your dream, and how you handle disappointment along the way.”

—Robert Kiyosaki

Success tip 2: Let go of what was…

Many people live in the past; that is, they hold on so tightly to past failures that it’s impossible to move forward. They’re stuck thinking of what was instead of what can be.

This is common for network marketers. How often have you felt down because someone in your network hasn’t responded to your messages? Or they seemed interested in the opportunity you offered but then seemed to disappear off the planet? Many network marketers dwell on this, rereading the messages and replaying past conversations, looking for clues to help them discover what they may have said or did to offend them. In reality, they may have just gotten busy and simply forgot. It’s something a quick follow up could solve; however, many network marketers won’t take this step because they don’t want to seem like they’re bugging them. 

And that’s just one example. 

Many of us hold onto things that we should have let go ages ago, such as:

  • Attitudes that limit success. The most successful people tend to be more optimistic. This allows them to see opportunities where many others only see obstacles.That doesn’t mean blindly maintaining a positive attitude no matter what; it’s about acknowledging reality and then looking for that glimmer of hope and the possible lesson. 

Negativity limits your ability to achieve. If that negative voice in your head says you can’t do something, how often do you listen to it? If you’re like most people, you listen to it more than you should. Instead, shed negative attitudes and you’ll be able to see your true potential. Surround yourself with positive people. Read positive books and articles. Have a positive mantra or favorite quote to repeat when you’re feeling negative or pessimistic. The key to success is indeed all in your attitude!

  • Bad habits. We all have them and when they conflict with our businesses, they can impede success. These habits may include scrolling on Facebook instead of reaching out and connecting with our networks, not committing to a daily Power Hour, and generally putting our businesses last in our lives rather than prioritizing them. 
  • Fear. Many people fear failure, and so they don’t try because they figure they’ll just fail anyway. However, some people also fear success. They fear what will happen when they succeed – will they have more problems? Will they or their business change for the worse? 

Let it go! Let it all go. Don’t hold on to the things that are holding you back, from the negative attitudes and bad habits to focusing only on challenging situations. When you focus on the negative, it’s impossible to see the positive things that are happening. Don’t dwell – let it go and act with hope toward the future. 

Success tip 3: Have faith in what can be

Everything will work out exactly the way it’s supposed to. You have to have faith.

Believe in yourself

You’ve got this! All the challenges and setbacks you’ve faced in the past are surmountable, and at the very least, have a lesson to learn from them. You’ve just got to believe that you can do it.

Say it out loud. It may sound silly, but just saying that you believe in yourself can help you do so, especially on days when you’re not feeling so confident. What’s your mantra? It can be a song that makes you feel you can face any challenge, a quote you just love, or a simple saying you recite in the mirror before you tackle the day. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you have something that helps you start the day on the right foot.

Believe in your business (and in your own success)

If you want to lead a successful business, you have to put in the work. 

Work on your business

If you want your business to succeed, that means setting goals, connecting with your network daily (especially your best advocates), and committing to a daily Power Hour. That doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire day working on your business. It just means you have to spend an hour (or less if your business is still growing) on your business each day. You can break your Power Hour into pieces if a full hour isn’t possible; the important part is to make sure you do it daily.

Serve your network

When you’re a network marketer who values relationships, it’s only natural to serve your network. Check in and follow up with them to find out how you can help them, what their paint points are, if your business can help, and if you know someone who can help. All of this helps to build trust, which is the foundation of any relationship. The more trust you have, the more likely they are to connect you to other people just like them, who will value your business and the opportunity you can provide.

“You aren’t a true success unless you are helping others be successful. Success is meant to be shared.”

– Jon Gordon

Serve your team’s success

Their success is your success. If you want them to value relationships like you do, then show them how. Practice relationship marketing and serve your team and they’ll mimic what you do. They’ll see your success and wish to replicate it. They’ll also see how much you love leading your business and wish to emulate that as well. The more you serve the more benefits you’ll reap.

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