Time Management: Get More Out of Your Power Hour


Time Management: Get More Out of Your Power Hour

Do you wish you could get more out of your day? Does it seem as if there are nearly enough hours for what you need to accomplish on your list? We’re only given a finite amount of time a day to achieve what we wish. And, if you feel as if you can’t get everything done, it’s often not about the number of hours in the day that you have but how you’re using them. Don’t worry, time management is something we all struggle with.

Many of us want to be more productive, however, we tend to get sidetracked by other things that come along. Whether it is a task that needs to be completed or we’re distracted and scroll through social media feeds much longer than we had intended, many of us have to deal with time getting away from us. Although you can’t add more hours to the day, you can be more efficient with the hours that you have. Today we’re going to help you with your time management.

Time management for network marketers

When you’re building a network marketing business, time is often a challenge. Often when you’re first starting out you’re trying to find a way to fit everything in that you need to do for your business each day. In fact, you may become overwhelmed, especially in the beginning, simply because you’re not sure what you’re doing yet. When do you connect with your network? How often do you order inventory? When’s the best time of day to contact people so that you don’t feel like you’re bugging them? In between working on your business, you likely have other things that you’re working on as well. You may struggle trying to fit it all in without falling prey to the distractions that come your way. 

Even when you are an experienced network marketer, it can be difficult to avoid the distractions of the day. Sure, you may have a general idea of what you need to do each day. However, it’s easier to rest on your laurels and try to cruise through the day. For example, when you get busy, what’s the first task to go? Many network marketers, both new and old, tend to put off doing their Power Hours when things get busy. It’s easy to justify in their heads and say that they’ll just do it tomorrow. Or, they may say that they will do two Power Hours tomorrow. In reality, this doesn’t always happen. There’s no guarantee that tomorrow will be as busy as today. Sometimes the Power Hour that we promise to do today gets pushed off to tomorrow and the next day and the next day. 

It’s easier to push things off a second or third time when you’ve already pushed it off once. While it is sometimes important to postpone doing your power hour, most times it’s easier just to get it done once and for all and not put it off. The key is time management, that is, making time to do the things that will drive your business. So how do you get it all done?


What are the top two tasks that you want to achieve each day? We’ll give you a hint, one of them should be your Power Hour. If you find that you are constantly adding things to your to-do list and it feels like you’re not getting anything done, then it’s time to prioritize your list. At first glance, you may think that everything is a priority. Rest assured, that isn’t true. There are things on your list that aren’t priorities at all, or they’re much less of a priority than other things on your list.

Each day look at your list and circle the two things you have to do that day. These are the two things that you have to get done no matter what. Your time management is all about achieving these priorities. Once these things are done, then you can focus on your next top priorities on your list. By prioritizing your day you can ensure that everything on your list gets done. Once you know your priority, it’ll be easier for you to schedule your day.

Schedule your day

That’s right, you want to schedule your day. This means blocking off time in your day to achieve the most important things on your to-do list. This includes your daily Power Hour. Whether you use a paper calendar or planner or the calendar on your phone, block off an hour each day to work on your business. This is your power hour. You will use this time to work on your business. Now, you may not need to use the full hour to connect with your network. However, you can use any time you have leftover to work on professional development. That is, you can read a book, listen to a business podcast or audiobook, or take an online training course to help you improve your skills. The choice is yours. All that matters is that you are working on your business.

Master your Power Hour

We’ve said that your Power Hour is something you should do daily, or nearly every day. It can help you take control of your time management. It’s something to make time for regularly. But your Power Hour is more than just an hour that you spend working on your business and connecting with the people in your network. It’s the time that you set aside to work on your business, where your business is the top priority and captures all of your attention.

In addition to reaching out to people in your network and making their days, you’ll also spend time working on other parts of your business if necessary. If you ever complain that you don’t have time to work on personal development, whether it’s reading a book by a notable business person or listening to a business podcast, your Power Hour is your distraction-free time to do so. The key to mastering your Power Hour is to be consistent. You must consistently do your power hour as often as you have set each week.

Additionally, you must also consistently use your time wisely and efficiently to contact the people and your network using your Teamzy dashboard. The key to success in business, any business, is consistency. If you want to thrive and reach your goals you have to be consistent. Do your Power Hour each day or several times a week. Do not succumb to distractions. Make this hour your priority. If you do all this you won’t complain that you don’t have time to work on your business. You will have made time to work on your business and for that your goals will thank you.

Teamzy helps you boost your time management

Get more out of your day with Teamzy. We create a Teamzy to make building the foundation of your network marketing business easier. Once you set your goals and import your contacts, Teamzy takes care of the rest and gives you a list of people to contact each day. No more wasting time wondering who to contact first. Teamzy keeps track of that so that you can focus your time on making people’s days. If you’re not using Teamzy, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more.

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