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Why Tracking Your Numbers is Essential for Success


Why Tracking Your Numbers is Essential for Success

How close are you to reaching your 2020 goals? How many people do you need to reach out to this week to keep you on track? How many sales do you need to make to reach your monthly goals?

If those questions made you break out in a cold sweat, it’s time to start tracking your numbers. Sure, it seems tedious; however, you’ll be thankful you did when you know exactly where you stand in your business and how much work you need to put in each week.

(And, if you already know your numbers, congratulations! You’re well on your way to building the foundation of a successful business!)

Why tracking matters

Many network marketers don’t keep track of their activities, sales, connects, etc. Why? While some may not think to do it at all, others see it as a tedious extra step that they can’t be bothered to do. They say, “I know how many calls I’ve made and messages I’ve sent today – I don’t need to keep track of it.” This is true for network marketing businesses of all sizes, but especially those who are just starting out in the industry. Although this may be true if your network has a handful of people, as the business grows, it becomes more impossible. If there’s one thing that’s always true about humans it’s that we’re overconfident about our ability to remember things, and remember them accurately. 

Not tracking activities, sales, connects, etc. is detrimental to business, no matter the size. After all, if you don’t know what you’ve done, how can you be sure what more you need to do to build a successful business? However, the most difficult part isn’t the process of tracking the numbers; it’s remembering to do it and getting in the habit of doing it daily. 

But before we get into that, let’s review the benefits of tracking your numbers…

Build the foundation of your network marketing business

Every business needs a strong foundation in order to thrive. Although many network marketers have dreams of business success, the foundation of it is in the hard work of the daily activities. It’s not exciting; however, it has the biggest payoff. 

If you want to build a lasting business, you have to do your Power Hour every day. Every time you connect with your network, you have the opportunity to build your business, especially if you ask them to introduce you to great people like them. But that’s not all, you have to record what you’ve done each day. Do it and track it. Do it and track it. Do it and track it. It’s that simple. However, on that simplicity lies the foundation of your business. 

Track your progress

Goals and success go hand in hand. Many network marketers set goals in January and then forget about them until the end of the year. Then they wonder why they didn’t achieve them. It’s important to revisit goals periodically. Not only that, but to also keep track of how close you are to reaching them. 

Tracking your activities allows you to keep track of how close you’re getting to your business goals. From there you can see if you’re ahead of the game, falling behind, or right on track. At the end of the year, it allows you to assess your goals and craft new, more challenging ones for the year ahead. 

See what’s working and what isn’t

Tracking your numbers allows you to see patterns in your results. For example, if you notice you’re getting a better response from people in your network at the end of the spring, you may decide to kick communication into high gear at the end of next spring. Or, you may notice that you get a better response from your network in the afternoon rather than in the morning. Then, you may want to do your Power Hour in the afternoon instead. How else would you know that unless you kept track of your activities and results?

How to get in the habit of tracking your numbers

If you’re like many network marketers, you know you need to track your numbers. You’re just not sure how to make it a habit. Things are easier to stick with when you’ve bought into them. Here’s how:

It starts with goals

Put another way, what do you want to achieve in your business? What do you hope to get out of it? 

Here, it’s imperative to be as specific. How much do you want to earn? How many sales do you want to make? How much do you want to grow your network?

All of these questions will help you narrow down your focus so you can create specific and realistic goals. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to achieve them. 

Once you have your goals in mind, add them to Teamzy. Teamzy takes your goals and incorporates them into an algorithm that lets you know who to contact each day. Every time you contact a person on the list, log it. Teamzy keeps track of each contact you make. Review your numbers periodically to see where you stand.

Make it easy

Although we have the best intentions, we often fall short. We intend to track our numbers daily; however, sometimes we forget. We get busy or we run short of time – life happens.

Reminders jog our memories. Whether you write yourself a sticky note and stick it on your computer to help you remember or you set an alarm on your phone to pop up when it’s time, big and loud reminders work, at least to help you start the habit. Once you’re in the habit, you can silence the alarm and toss away the reminder note because you won’t need it anymore. 

What happens if you miss a day? 

If you miss a day, don’t give up; keep going. LIfe happens and there will be days when doing your Power Hour and logging your numbers just isn’t in the cards. That’s fine. However, the key is to make sure that you do your Power Hour the next day in order to maintain your momentum. 

How to track your numbers

Teamzy makes it easy to keep track of your progress in your business. Once you’ve imported your contacts’ information and set your goals, Teamzy will let you know who to contact each day. Simply login and review the contacts on your Dashboard. 

Each time you reach out, whether via text message, Facebook messenger, etc. log it in Teamzy. Log your initial contacts as well as any follow-ups. To remind yourself to follow up, you can schedule it yourself or wait until they naturally reappear back on your dashboard, based on how you’ve sorted them in your network. 

You can log any part of your business, from initial and follow up connects to shares with your customers, prospects, and distributors. And, with the new sorting features, you’re able to streamline your lists and always be sure that you’re on top of your business. Want to sort your follow ups by member type? Teamzy has you covered. Want to see all of your scheduled follow ups? Teamzy has that too. Want to clear multiple specific follow ups? Yep, you can also do that. We want you to work more efficiently so that you have time for the best part of your business – serving your favorite people while you do what you love. There’s nothing better than that. 

Build a thriving network marketing business with Teamzy

Want to lead a network marketing business that thrives? You need the right tools on your side that help you work more productively so that you can lead a business while leading a busy life. Teamzy is more than a CRM; it’s a valuable business tool that offers the organization, training, and social connection budding and successful network marketers need to achieve their goals. Click here to learn more about all of the benefits of Teamzy.

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