Your Relationships: How to Leverage Them This Holiday Season


Your Relationships: How to Leverage Them This Holiday Season

You’ve spent the year forging relationships and building your network; now is the time to serve them. As a network marketer who relies on strong relationships to build a thriving business, it’s vital to continue to build and nurture those relationships. Since the holiday season is all about relationships, what perfect time to check-in? 

Whether you’re new to network marketing or you’ve been doing it for years, here’s how to lean into your relationships during this busy holiday season and set yourself up for a great 2022.

Get back to basics

Regardless of your business, if you want to succeed, you have to have loyal customers and advocates. Your customers will buy your products and services and recommend them to people they know. This helps to grow your businesses, as you add new customers who have been recommended by your current ones. And, although your advocates may not be customers, they are supportive of your business. As a result, they’ll talk up your business to people they know who could benefit from your products or services. 

However, for years, network marketing garnered a negative reputation due to the aggressive sales tactics used by many just to make a sale. The result was damaged relationships that took time to rebuild, that is if they did at all. As a network marketer that values relationships, your goal is to show your network that you’re not like that. YOU value relationships and are invested in serving your network. It’s more about building your relationships over making the sale. Sure you want to make sales, but not at the expense of your relationships with your network. It’s about filling a need and helping people find the right product or service that can help them. 

Make relationships your central focus

One of the reasons you may have been drawn to this relationship-based marketing style may have been because you love connecting with people. You love helping others and finding new ways to serve them. Using what you’ve learned from them over the course of checking in with them, you can help them find the right products and services to meet their needs and goals. Your customers and network understand this. And, they’ll appreciate that you value their relationship and see them as more than just a sale or a potential addition to your team. 

How to focus on your relationships this season

Make sure you’re checking in with your network every day or at least three times a week. If you’re not sure who to contact, log into your Teamzy Dashboard to see who to connect with each day. Teamzy makes it super easy to connect with your network – especially your biggest advocates – in a consistent manner. If you’re not sure what to say, use the scripts to help you get the conversation rolling.

Find a need to fill

In a perfect world, your network would tell you exactly what they need. If they want to get fit, they’ll ask for a workout to help. If they want to revitalize mature skin, they ask for an anti-aging cream. However, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes they’re not sure they have a need yet or they don’t remember to mention it. Or they don’t mention it because they feel it’s too personal or they don’t know that you can help.

That’s why we encourage both checking in often and active listening. Checking in with your network allows you to build your relationship with them. As they get to know and trust you, they’ll begin to share more with you. You see, at first, they may not feel comfortable, even if they’ve known you for years. But, if you continue to keep in touch with them and do so consistently, they’ll understand that you have the heart to serve. And that will make them more likely to want your help. 

The second part of that is active listening. Most of us think we’re listening, but in reality, we’re just thinking of the next clever or sympathetic thing to say. This is only half listening. While you’re formulating your next sentence, you’re missing out on some vital information the other person is revealing in their tone, the words they use, and their body language. When you actively listen, you take note of all these things, As a result, you’re given big clues that you can use to help you help them. If they mention that the cooler weather is drying out their skin, suggest a product from your business that can help. When they crack a joke about the smell of their children’s athletic gear, offer a scent from your business that can cover it. Or, if they mention that they want to get in shape because they’re going on a beach vacation in the spring, suggest a workout from your business that can help. See a pattern? Take a moment to listen, and you can help your favorite people.

Tap into your relationships

If you want to grow your business, you have to ask your best advocates to introduce you. Why? You know the saying, ‘birds of a feather flock together’? If you want more people in your network who are just like your best advocates, tap into their networks by asking for introductions. First, your advocates are more than willing to help you grow your business. They believe in you and your business and want to see it succeed! Second, they want to introduce you. So, why won’t they do it automatically? They may not know that you want them to do so. After all, you haven’t asked.

Encourage your advocates to introduce you

Many network marketers may feel nervous asking for introductions. They feel that if their business is that great, then people will shout about it from the rooftops. That may be true for some, but most need a bit of a nudge. By asking for an introduction, you’re letting your advocate know that you rely on them to help you grow your business. Also, it makes them feel special that you think so highly of them that you want introductions to more great people like them. 

When you connect with them, share how much they mean to your business. People like to feel appreciated, so thank them for what they’ve done for your business so far. Then, ask them to introduce you to another great person like them. If they can’t think of anyone right at that moment, that’s fine. Over the next few days, they’ll continue to think about it. Be sure to follow up with them. That way, they’ll continue to think about it and may have a name or two for you. 

If they can’t think of anyone, that’s fine as well. Continue to connect with them consistently.

Keep in touch with your relationships

Consistent contact is key to building a business at any time of the year. The holiday season gives you a natural reason to contact your network and say hi. You have a reason to connect with them, to thank them for their business and support, and listen for a need that you can fill. Teamzy has a ton of scripts for any occasion if you’re just not sure what to say. 

The biggest challenge many network marketers face at this time of year is finding the time to work on their businesses. Life is just so busy around the holidays! It’s normal to want to put your business on hold to attend to everything else. However, it’s a bad idea, especially if you want to grow your business. Since this is a busy time of year for many network marketers, making time for your business now will lead to success in the year ahead.

How to make time for your business and build relationships with your network

First, make a date with your business. Write it in pen on a paper planner or add it to the calendar in your phone. Like any other appointment, you’re less likely to brush it off if you’ve made it planner-official. Do this daily or at least several times a week. Your Power Hour is what helps to drive your business. Although you can take the full hour, for many, they can get it done in 30 minutes or less. You’re going through your list on your Teamzy Dashboard and connecting with each person with the goal of making their days. They may get back with you the same day, but more often, it’ll take a few days, if at all. And, that’s okay. The important part is, you’re reaching out and connecting with your network.

Don’t forget to follow up! Following up is an act of love that is a vital part of building trust and growing your relationships. If you said you’re going to circle back with them, make sure you do, even if there is nothing new to report. The important part is that you followed up, as you said you would. 

Teamzy can help you thrive this holiday season

We know you’re busy. That’s why we created Teamzy to make building your network marketing business easier. Simply login and get to work. Teamzy will have you covered! Click here to learn more.

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