Are You Tracking Numbers for Your Business?


Are You Tracking Numbers for Your Business?

Are you on track to achieving your goals this year? If you’re not tracking numbers, you may not know. 

For many network marketers, the social aspect of the business is their favorite. Connecting with everyone in their networks is the best part of their days. They love reaching out, seeing how people are doing, and listening for a need they can fill. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, that feeling is what keeps us motivated each day. 

However, to run a successful business, you have to do not-so-fun stuff as well. This includes tracking numbers. For many, it’s a tedious task. Who wants to make note of how many messages they send or how many prospects they’re following up with? But, these are important numbers to know, especially if you want to hit all of your goals. 

Why tracking numbers is important

One of the biggest excuses people make for not tracking numbers is they’ll remember how many connects they make each day. Or they profess to have a general idea of things. How many of us overestimate our memories? We may say we’ll remember, but most of us won’t. Even if your network is small, it’ll become more and more difficult to keep track of your activities, especially as your business grows. 

And that’s another excuse network marketers make for not tracking numbers; they don’t feel as if their networks are big enough. The truth is there is no magic number for how big your network needs to be before you begin tracking numbers. Whether your network consists of 5 people or 500, it’s vital to keep track of what you’re doing so that you can measure your results.

Tracking and goals

Think about your goals. We advise setting goals that are measurable and achievable. Tracking numbers allows you to tick both boxes. Tracking allows you to measure your progress toward your goals. You can see how close (or far) you are from reaching your milestones and the overall goals themselves. 

Tracking also helps you see if a goal is achievable. When you’re thinking of the goals you want to set each year, tracking allows you to assess whether or not a goal is achievable at that given time. For example, you may want to increase sales by 25%. If you’ve tracked your numbers, you can see whether this is doable. Perhaps after you’ve assessed your numbers, you decided to reduce this goal to 15%. Or, if you had a great year, according to the numbers, you may want to increase it. You’ll get a more realistic picture of what’s achievable for you, given your skills and motivation. Conversely, if you haven’t tracked your numbers, you’ll go into the year blind, not knowing if you’ve set a tangible goal. Worst case scenario – you’ll end the year disappointed and wondering what happened. 

Benefits of tracking numbers

Know where you stand in your business

Tracking allows you to know where you stand in your business. Every day that you do your activities and connect with your network provides invaluable data to help you move forward in your business. Not only will it help you stay on track toward your goals, it will also help you see if you’re getting ahead or falling behind. This allows you to change course. For example, if you’re falling behind, you can add another Power Hour to your week to connect with more people and get you back on track. Or, if you’re ahead of the game, you may want to schedule a day off so you can recharge your internal battery.

Improve your results

Want to improve your results? Tracking numbers gives you a picture of your business by revealing patterns. These patterns can help you assess what is going right and what can be improved. For example, you may notice that you get a better response from your network when you contact them on a Saturday afternoon than when you contact them on Thursday morning. As a result, you may move your Power Hour to Saturday afternoon, or afternoons in general. Or you may find that you get more of a response at certain times of the year. This may prompt you to ramp up your Power Hours during this time of the year, say doing four Power Hours a week instead of two. 

Strengthen the foundation of your business

Your network marketing business is a business. Treat it like one. If you want to succeed in business, tracking your numbers ensures that you have all the information at your fingertips that will help you build a strong and lasting business. 

So, why don’t more network marketers track numbers?

Put simply, they may not know to. It’s not intuitive for many people to start tracking numbers. In the beginning, they’re too busy trying to build their networks and market their products and services. Tracking numbers may not be a task they know about or they may not think they need to do it. 

The good news is it’s never too late to start tracking numbers. You can start at any time, even if you’ve been a network marketer for years. 

How to make tracking numbers part of your day

Want to start tracking numbers? Here’s how:

Make it part of your day

When it’s part of your day, you’re more likely to do it. Set a reminder, whether it’s a sticky note or a reminder on your phone or with an app. Keep doing this until you automatically remember to do it. Remember, it’ll be difficult to remember to do it for the first few weeks. However, over time, it’ll become second nature and a part of your Power Hour.

If you take a day off or get out of the habit, just start your reminders again. It’s fine to start over; the important part is to do it in the first place.

Set measurable goals

If your goals aren’t measurable, go back and revise them. When you put numbers to the goal, you have something to aim for. Since it’s the end of the year, make a point of setting measurable goals in the year ahead. If you’ve been tracking your numbers and/or have set measurable goals, use your data to help you set specific and measurable goals for the coming year. 

Make it easier to accomplish

We created Teamzy to make it easier for network marketers to build the foundation for a strong business. In addition to helping network marketers keep in touch with their networks, it also makes it super easy to track numbers. Simply log your messages every time you send one and Teamzy will do the rest. Each time you follow up, log that as well. Teamzy also makes it easier to remember to follow up with your network. Schedule it and wait until their names appear on your dashboard. 

You can log any part of your business, including the connections you make with your network. You can sort your follow ups by member type, see all of your scheduled follow ups at once, and clear follow ups. We make it easier for you to work more efficiently on your business. 

Let Teamzy help you with tracking numbers

Are you ready to track your numbers? Get started today or make it a point to start in the year ahead. Teamzy can help you each step of the way. If you’re not using Teamzy, what are you waiting for? Click here to see how Teamzy can help you track your numbers and take your business to the next level. 

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