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It’s already the middle of 2019; are you on track to reaching your goals this year? If you said yes, that’s great! Keep doing what you’re doing to keep it up! However, if you’re like many people, June may have snuck up on you, especially if you’re busy with life. So many of us come […]

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One of the biggest challenges many network marketers have is bringing their businesses up in conversation. This is especially true if they had relied on those icky traditional sales methods in the past and burned through their networks. They fear that if they bring up their businesses, the person they’re chatting with will see them […]

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Trust is the ultimate currency of the network marketing industry. The more your customers trust you, the more they’ll rely on your business and the more likely they’ll be to recommend your business to others. The same is true for your team members – the more they trust you, the more they’ll enjoy working with […]

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One of the most common questions people have when they start out in the network marketing business is, can network marketing make you rich? The short answer is… maybe. But it’s more complicated than that. As with any business, it’s critical to put the resources into the business to help it grow and thrive. These […]

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As a busy network marketer, your relationships are the most important part of your business. From the first conversation, it’s important to listen to the needs of your clients – whether they tell you outright or you have to infer them. This allows you to figure out how you can help them. It could be […]

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Challenges and struggles – every network marketer, no matter how long they’ve been in the business, will face them at some point. One of the most common challenges is growing your business. I’m sure the same things you’re feeling and dealing with right now are the same ones your distributors are. Think about it: When […]

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Last week we talked about the importance of following up – that it’s an act of love, one that’s required for building a steady, successful business. But that’s only part of it. Yes, it’s vitally important to follow up, but you have to do it consistently. Consist-a-what? Consistency is the key to success. You need […]

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Seriously, have you? You’ve heard it so many times from us – Following up is an act of love. It’s so vital to your business as well as each of the relationships you’re cultivating. After all, the follow up is just honoring the commitment you made to help someone – and what’s better than that? […]

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What’s one of the biggest stumbling blocks of building a strong network marketing business? I’ll admit, there are a few answers to this question (e.g., not having a system comes to mind). However, the one I’m thinking of is the difficulty that so many people have just starting a conversation. Now, you may be saying, […]

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    Distractions are all around us and they’re constantly trying to grab our attention. It’s more than just our kids or loved ones trying to get our attention when we’re in the middle of something, too. There are other things – mostly tech-driven – that seek our attention as well. And, it’s hard to […]

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In order to grow your business, it’s essential to add more customers and distributors to your network. However, one of the biggest challenges network marketers face is finding new prospects, especially if they feel they’ve totally tapped out their potential networks. This is especially true if they live in small towns or have small networks […]

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The spring is the season for getting organized around the home; why not organize your business as well? Getting organized is something that many network marketers aspire to do. Yet, they often don’t get around to for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’re intimidated by the very idea of getting organized; after all, it may […]

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Personal development should be a high priority for your business. But, be honest – how often do you get around to taking a class, listening to an audiobook or podcast or reading a book? Although they know that personal development is a crucial part of building and running a successful business, so many network marketers […]

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So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and start your own business… Congratulations! Deciding to start a business – whether you’re doing so to earn money to supplement your income or you’re trying to build a business empire – is a huge decision, one that you may have spent months agonizing over. However, now that […]

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If you’re like so many network marketers, you’re always looking for ways to deliver high-level service to your customers, prospects, and distributors. However, in the process, you may be overlooking one thing: YOU! That’s right if you want to deliver great service to everyone you meet – current and prospective customers and team members alike […]

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