Feeling Unmotivated? How to Boost Your Motivation


Feeling Unmotivated? How to Boost Your Motivation

How would you rate your motivation right now?

  1. Pumped and on track to achieve your goals by the end of the year.
  2. Feeling good most days, but am starting to lose momentum.
  3. Feel like you’re on a motivation roller coaster.
  4. Totally unmotivated.

If your answer is a, then congratulations! Keep up the good work. 

However, don’t feel bad if you answered b, c, or d. You feel how most network marketers do, especially at this time of the year. It’s normal for motivation to wane over the year. In January, you may be ready to tackle all of your goals for the year, but a few months in, you may begin to feel tired or frustrated, especially if you’re beginning to fall off track. By mid-year, you may get a surge of motivation as the weather heats up, but like any cycle, your motivation may fall again in the autumn. This is all normal. It’s impossible for motivation to stay at a high level consistently. However, it is possible to prepare for this feeling and address it when it happens. Here’s how.

Reclaim your beginning-of-the-year motivation

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get back that motivation that you had in January? The good news is you can. It’s all in your mindset.

Rekindle your routines

Your routines create the foundation for your success. From these routines arise the habits that will allow you to thrive in network marketing, and in business in general. But, to build that solid foundation, you have to do your routines daily, and this is where many network marketers get into trouble.

Although it can take weeks to build good habits, it only takes an instant to lose them. When is this mostly likely to happen? When you lose motivation. It’s sometimes necessary to deviate from your daily routine because something else comes up or you just need a day off. However, it’s when you keep putting off working on your business, connecting with your network, and doing your Power Hour that it begins to take a toll on your business.

Make time for your Power Hour

We get it – sometimes life happens and unforeseen events get in the way of working on your business. For some, it becomes more difficult to fit in a full Power Hour each day, especially at certain times of the year. Luckily, for most network marketers, their Power Hour can be done in less than an hour. In fact, when I first started, I could connect with my network in 30 minutes or less. If you’re wondering what to do with the rest of the hour, that’s your time to focus on training and development to help you become an even more effective network marketer. If even 30 minutes is a lot to squeeze in, break it up into smaller chunks of time. The most important part is getting it done; no one said it has to be all at once. Work in 10- or 15-minute blocks. You’ll be amazed by how much you can get done during that time. And, if it’s easier to do, you’ll be more likely to keep it up.

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

– Lou Holtz

Assess your habits

Often it’s our bad habits that get in the way of establishing better ones. What habits do you have that may be blocking your path to success? It helps to take a long, honest look at the habits that may be holding you back, from procrastination to not scheduling tasks into your calendar to not prioritizing your day. These are all things that seem like they won’t make a difference, but in fact can make all the difference if you trade them in for more productive habits. 

  • Prioritize your business each day. When you create your to-do list, circle the top two tasks it’s essential to complete. One of those tasks should be your daily Power Hour.
  • Log into Teamzy. Your Dashboard has the list of people in your network for you to contact each day. Just work through your list and work to make someone’s day. It’s really that simple.
  • Keep track of your progress. Teamzy also makes it easy to see how you’re doing in business. Check in with your numbers at least once a week, or whenever you need a bit of motivation. 

Review your goals

Remember the motivation you felt when you set your goals originally? Tap into that feeling by reviewing your goals and your progress toward them.

The main reason people lose motivation to achieve their goals is that they totally forget about their goals. Once they set them, they never go back and review them. By October, they have no idea what they set or even why they set them. 

Do a regular goal review

Review your goals regularly so they stay top of mind. How often “regularly” is is up to you. It could be once a quarter or even once a day. The key thing is to read them over and get an idea of how close you are to achieving them. The good news is Teamzy makes this super easy by helping you set goals and then keeping track of your progress toward achieving them. You’ll always know where you stand and will know what you need to do to get and stay on track. 

Reconnect with your Why

Last week, we delved into your Why, the reason you do what you do each day. It’s the reason you got into business to begin with. And, we gave you the resources to help you find yours.

Once network marketers figure out their Why, they become excited to do all they can to honor it. But, over time, it’s easy to lose motivation and begin to forget all about it.

“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.”

– Steve Jobs

An important part of finding your Why is to visualize the life you wish to lead. This serves as the inspiration for the reason it became your Why to begin with. When you begin to lose sight of your Why, take some time to go through the visualization process again. Close your eyes and imagine what you want your life to look like in 5 years. What do you see? How do you feel? Who is there with you? Take a good look around and write down what you see. 

From this exercise comes your Why. When you visualize the outcome, it’s easier to feel motivated to get there. You’re more eager to create a plan and stick to it. Set goals and see them through. This is why we encourage you to write down your Why or have an image representation of it where you can see it daily. Think of it as a daily reminder of why you’re working so hard to build a thriving network marketing business. The more you remind yourself of what you’re working so hard for, the more motivated you’ll feel to make it happen. 

Boost your motivation with Teamzy

We designed Teamzy to make network marketing easier and more fun. We know it can be challenging, especially when you’re first starting out, to develop the habits to help you create a thriving business. Even if you’re an experienced network marketer, it can be tough to maintain good habits, check in with your goals and keep your motivation high when you need it the most. From setting goals to discovering your Why to connecting with your network daily, Teamzy has the tools you need to build the foundation for a strong business. If you’re not using Teamzy yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more.

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