Help Your Team Succeed This Holiday Season


Help Your Team Succeed This Holiday Season

The holiday season and the first part of the year are busy for many network marketers. This is when they may make the most sales and have the opportunity to add more people to their teams and networks. However, it’s also the time of year when many people are tempted to take time off or push their businesses to the backburner. These folks are missing out on the chance to strengthen and grow their businesses, which may prevent them from achieving success. They may even be on your team.

So, how do you help them focus on their businesses and succeed this season and set the stage for a great year ahead? 

“You aren’t a true success unless you are helping others be successful. Success is meant to be shared.”

– Jon Gordon

How to succeed: Team members who are new to network marketing

For many new team members, this is their first experience with the holiday rush. They may not know what to expect, and some may not even realize that it’ll happen! Although they may understand that this is a good time to reach out to the people in their networks, they may not know what to say and don’t want to feel like they’re out looking for a sale. In short, they don’t want to bug people, especially their top advocates. 

How to help new team members

First, you’ll want to establish regular contact with them. This is the time for you to reach out and ask if they have any questions or concerns that you can address. Even if they say they’re fine, they may not know they need help. Put yourself in their shoes – what did you need extra help with when you first started? What big questions did you have during your first busy holiday season? What do you wish you had known at the time? Chances are, they may also be wondering about the same things. When you reach out, it helps to share a story of your first busy holiday season. This may get them thinking about any questions they have as well as gives you an opportunity to offer advice.

Next, keep them motivated throughout the season. The season may be full of opportunities to grow their businesses, but it’s also full of distractions that will surely steal their focus away from their businesses. Lean into what motivates them to help them ensure they keep their successful habits going. Find out when they do their Power Hours each day and send them an occasional reminder text. They’ll appreciate that you remembered and that you’re helping them stay on top of their businesses.

How to succeed: Team members who are experienced network marketers

If your team members have been involved in network marketing before, they understand the significance of the season and may have prepared ahead of time. However, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t use a bit of guidance, especially if they are new to relationship marketing. Often, network marketers have relied on traditional, pushy sales techniques to build their businesses, only to alienate people in the process. The challenge for experienced network marketers is to avoid leaning into bad habits when it gets busy and stressful.

How to help experienced network marketers

Similar to new network marketers, you’ll want to check in with your experienced network marketers regularly. When you connect, ask them how it’s going, but also do a temperature check. Sometimes people will say one thing but their body language or voice says something else. Take the time to listen and offer suggestions, if they seem open.

It’s also a good time to remind them of their goals and their “why,” which often go hand-in-hand. Often when we get busy, it’s easy to forget why we’re in the business and what we’re shooting for. Reminding them to check in with these things not only serves a practical purpose, it also shows that you care. 

“Humility isn’t about being small. It’s about inviting others to be big.”

How to succeed: Team members who are behind on their goals

The end of the year can sneak up on many of us. And, as a result, we get behind on our goals. When you check in with your team, it’s a good time to also ask them about their goals. This will give you a pulse on how close they are to achieving the goals they’ve set for themselves for the quarter and the year. If they’re behind, there is still time to catch up and either achieve the goal or get close to it. With a bit of guidance and motivation, you can help them do it. 

How to help team members catch up

Often you can tell if a team member is behind on their goals because they may feel frustrated or unmotivated. They may think, “What’s the point of doing my daily Power Hour if I’m behind on my goals?” The good news is, there’s always time to catch up and while they may not reach the target, they can use the increased activity of the season to help them get really close. 

First, help them do a goal check in. Have them review their goals and see how close they are to achieving them. Then, discuss with them why they fell behind. Perhaps an unexpected event or emergency earlier in the year knocked them off course or they just lost track of things and want to get back on track now. Whatever the reason, once they identify it, they can find solutions to help them overcome it. 

Next, encourage them to remember their Why. This will help them get and stay motivated, especially when it feels easier to just give up. Encourage them to post their Why where they can see it daily to help them stay motivated and on track. 

Review their habits. Sometimes it’s the bad habits that can sabotage success. Do they simply forget to do a daily Power Hour? Encourage them to set reminders in their phone so that they can get it done. Do other things seem to hijack their to-do lists so they never get around to working on their businesses? Encourage them to set a time each day to work on their business – like an appointment they have with their network. Finally, continue to check in with them to ensure they stay on track and are motivated to succeed. 

How to succeed: Motivated team members

Motivated team members are a dream. Not only are they on track to reach their goals this year, but they’re also laying the groundwork for success next year as well. In addition to being on top of their businesses, they also serve as role models for everyone else on the team.

How to help keep your team members motivated to succeed

You might think you can be hands-off with motivated team members, but that’s not always the case. Although they may need less guidance than their less motivated peers, you should also check in with them regularly as well. 

When you check in with them, listen for a need that you can fill or help with. Although they may not always ask for help, they may mention an area in which they’re struggling or a challenge they’re facing. Listen for these subtle clues so you can find ways to best serve them. 

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